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What is EESTEC?

The “Electrical Engineering STudents‘ European AssoCiation” (EESTEC) is a Europe-wide network of students that are studying electrical engineering and informations technology or any subjects related to that matter. EESTEC is a NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) with head office in Delft (NL). It was established in 1986 in Eindhoven (NL) and meanwhile covers over 50 Local Commitees (LC) in over 28 European states, resulting in a total of over 6000 members.

The main goal of EESTEC is the bonding and getting to know of students from other European cultures and therefore the advancement of each other's appreciation and understanding based on common technical interests. Through this technical and social interchange, European students and their respective universities are enabled to move closer together and to enhance their collaboration.

<Center>Annual general meeting "EESTEC Congress 2013" at the Technical University Munich</Center>

One of the central activities of EESTEC are its workshops. For this purpose a local commitee invites a group of students from universities of all over Europe, in order to spend 5 to 9 days with them in the hosting city. In that context they get the opportunity to attend seminars covering a certain topic of electrical engineering and informations technology. In addition, the students visit local companies of that sector. Furthermore they get the chance to gain an insight into the culture and social life of the host country. 

Despite the mentioned technical workshops, EESTEC also provides a self-developed training system. The offered trainings mainly address the enhancement of soft-skills, such as project management, presentation skills, etc. In order to be able to provide those trainings, volunteers among EESTEC-members are educated to become so-called EESTEC Trainers. 

Another key activity of EESTEC is the arrangement of internships for its members. For this purpose the project Lykeion has been started recently, providing a common platform for students, companies and universities.

Further information about EESTEC can be found on the web-page of EESTEC international: