Persönlicher Status und Werkzeuge

Join and participate in the Local Committee!

As we organize several events every year, we naturally always need people that help and support us. We require both, people that are willing to take bigger responsibilities, and people that assist us in smaller tasks.

During our workshops and job-fairs you get the chance to plan and establish something big with a great team, whilst proving your ability for teamwork and organizational talent. Of course there's a lot of fun in it as well!

Furthermore you get to know a lot of students from all over Europe, and you make new friends with whom you can train your English skills. 

In case you are interested, just ask any EESTECer you might know, or simply join us for our next meeting. 

Going abroad with EESTEC

If you got interested in spending some great days with EESTEC in a foreign city, attending a workshop about an interesting topic and establishing contacts to other foreign students of electrical engineering, then you definitely should join one of our next meetings!

Our EESTEC sessions mainly take place every two or three weeks during the semester. The next date will always be announced on this homepage. Of course you can also simply contact us via email: contact(at)