T.O.O.L. Leaders of Tomorrow 2 vom 22. Mai bis 31. Mai 2015

Participant's Report

LC Munich hosted 15 EESTECers for the 2nd Leaders of Tomorrow from the 22nd to the 31st of May.
As a participant I can say that the experience was awesome! Being on the second event on leadership and organisational skills, my expectations were very high and overall met during these days. Both, experienced and newer members of EESTEC’s Training Team, delivered numerous interesting and essential trainings. These included trainings on motivation, facilitation, group dynamics, feedback and many more. In addition to these constructive trainings we were not only counselled by an HR company on how to stand, talk and behave when interviewed by a potential employer. Ae also participated in a speed dating with some of Germany’s biggest companies (BMW, MAN, NSN, ...). The representatives gave us valuable advices and input on our future plans as engineers. All the trainers and organisers were very hospitable and warm. Even though we had a full schedule, they always tried to motivate and help us to forget the tiredness with energisers and snacks. As participants, we had the chance to socialise more with each other during the city rally and (let’s not forget) the amazing IMW in Austria. It was definitely the best way to end a very intense and busy week with hiking, bbqing and partying.
I believe that I gained precious experience and knowledge from this event but also valuable and hopefully long term friendships. Thank you LC Munich, see you soon!

Organizer's Report

At the end of May, we organised two parallel events. The events started one week after the congress, so it was a challenge for us to ensure a smooth flow of the program.
The T.O.O.L. Leaders of Tomorrow 2 started on the 22nd of May 2015. On the first day a participant who did not fill his arriving details in time, arrived very early and problems occured of picking him up. On the next day, the academic program started and the participants were very busy with the trainings. After these, there were reflection-groups which connected the participants very well. During the event, we planned varying parties. Of course there were club nights, but we also tried a new party concept: the Blitzparty. Everyone is allowed to party exactly for two hours. A countdown-timer is set and projected on the wall. All the participants were very motivated to party and everything worked very well. Blitzparty caused the participants to go to bed early and the long sleep prepared them for the presentation of a company in the morning and the contact forum in the afternoon. After the workshop, we all went to the Austrian Alps to have an unofficial IMW. There we went hiking and had soft-skill trainings. All the particpants were very impressed of the landscape. On the last day everyone was very sad to leave Munich, however they were happy for having spent such a great time.