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Inktronics 2014

Im Jahr 2014 organisierten wir einen Workshop zum Thema gedruckte und flexible Elektronik mit 16 internationalen Teilnehmern. Der Workshop umfasste drei Tage akademisches Programm: Vorlesungenund Praxis an der Universität und den Besuch der Fachmesse LOPE-C. Darauf folgte ein Tag Sightseeing in München und unser Motivationswochenende mit 4 Softskill-Trainings von unseren ausgebildeten Trainern.

Short review of Inktronics

If you think of Germany, you will think of Bavaria first – no matter whether it's about food and drinks, or about innovative companies and job opportunities. This year’s Inktronics combined both: A diverse academic program on flexible electronics, and cultural program in the heart of Bavaria: Munich. This, together with a visit to the world's leading fair on flexible electronics, LOPE-C, and a beautiful IMW at lake Walchensee in the Bavarian Alps with trainings by three EESTEC trainers made Inktroniks an unforgettable event for the 16 participants and LC Munich alike.

Announcement of Inktronics

Dear EESTECers,

LC Munich is proud to finally announce its workshop. I hope you didn’t travel to all the other awesome workshops and you’ll find your way to Munich! We will make sure that it’ll worth!

Workshop: Inktronics
Dates: 25th May – 1st June
Deadline: 26th of April.
Number of participants: at least 16
Application: ---LINK REMOVED--- 
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Flexible electronics will change the way we make and use electronic devices!

All of you should know what the inside of a computer or a mobile phone looks like today: A stiff circuit board, usually green, crammed with chips, resistors, capacitors and sockets, interconnected by a suburban sprawl of printed wiring. But what if the printed circuit board was not stiff, but flexible enough to bend or even fold?
First, they promise an entirely new design tool. Imagine, for example, tiny smartphones that wrap around our wrists, and flexible displays that fold out from the size of a smartphone to as large as a television. Or photovoltaic cells and reconfigurable antennas that conform to the roofs and trunks of our cars. Or flexible implants that can monitor and treat cancer or help paraplegics walk again.
Second, flexible electronics might cost less to make. Conventional semiconductors require complex processes and multi-billion dollar foundries. Researchers hope to print flexible electronics on plastic film the same way we print ink on newspapers.

This new workshop of LC Munich will cover the topic of flexible and printed electronics. There will be lectures about suitable materials and their applications. In the Hands-on lab you will learn how to design your own circuits, draw or print them. You’ll make our own flexible electronic board and add components to it. The second part of the workshop will show possible and future applications.

We'll be cooperating with two departments in our university, so some lectures will be held by our professors.

Of course you will also see the great city of Munich, experience the Bavarian way of life and Bavarian hospitality. Also be prepared for Munich's nightlife and some unforgettable parties.

The workshop will conclude with a trip outside of Munich. Here you'll be participating in soft-skill training and, of course, more partying.

It'll be a great week... so don't hesitate to apply! Be fast, as the deadline is quite soon!

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