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EESTEC Workshop Women in Engineering 2012

Participant Report: Women in Engineering "Speak Up!" (Shortened).


This was my first workshop, so I didn't really know what to expect. Experienced EESTEC members told me that Munich is awesome, that I shouldn't miss a thing. I believed that would be fine, but an awesome week with a group of totally unknown people? - No way! Oh … how amazingly wrong I was...

As the name implies, the topic of the workshop was the voice and the ways how to use it. I was in a group with fourteen other girls from different parts of Europe. We named our professor ‘Keva’, which means ‘Mother’. She really was! The lectures were unexpectedly interesting, especially because they were interactive. She taught us how to use our voice, to express ourselves and to prove ourselves in a working environment. We covered a range of topics connected with voice, learned about breathing, properly standing, eye-contact and other important things which are helpful during presentations. She really put a lot of effort into making sure the lectures were of high quality.

This was a really great opportunity for every girl to get to know herself. We realized the difference before and after we used and practiced with her. We not only learned a lot about ourselves, but also about the other girls, which was a unique way for getting to know each other.

Furthermore, there was a womens' contact forum during which we had the opportunity to interact and learn about the experiences from other women who are working in engineering jobs and their different ways to reach the final goal and to work as a femal engineer on the same level as male engineer.

On the first day LC Munich prepared some very interesting activities for us. We visited the ‘Olympiapark’. Step by step, we were introduced to Munich, its famous buildings, architecture, history and culture as well. Great and phenomenal German parks delighted our ways, especially 'Englischer Garten' where we finally had a break, took a beer or beers, depending on how much you earned on your previous task. Amazing day!

I also have to mention our visit to Munich’s 'Frühlingfest'. It is actually like a mini-Oktoberfest, as the organizers explained to us. The fest really reminds you of a local fair. Plenty of rides, food and fun can be found before or after your trip to the beer tent. What can I say? This is a great place to start getting used to holding and hoisting those awesome liter mugs. Beer does create friends at Frühlingfest! This is an experience somebody should not miss in a lifetime.

After a long day full of lectures, sight-seeing, city rally tasks and getting to know new cultures through other participants, we finally had a chance to see the hardworking organizers relax during some parties at night, each one adding something different to the spirit. For example, we had a 'Bond Party', a fancy party, where boys suited up including ties. 

After the workshop in Munich, the adventure was continued at the Austrians’ Alps, where the International Motivational Weekend (IMW) at Mühlbach am Hochkönig was taking place. Even more people from different LCs joined us. Our trip passed by with singing and joking. On the IMW we had the choice of different trainings. I chose ‘Emotional Intelligence’ where I learnt many facts about employment and qualities that u should have as job candidate. It was really motivating.

An evaluation of the event was held where everyone got to share their feelings and memories they experienced. Unfortunately, the inevitable end had nearly caught up with us, and most of us were starting to feel it. And we didn’t like it. 

Personally, I didn’t find it surprising that many people were tearful when it came time to say goodbye. It is odd, and it still amazes me, that such a short time is enough to become connected to people as if you have known them for years. I spent a great week of my life in Munich, and it was actually really hard to return home, just like it was really hard to say goodbye to people who I had shared this experience with, who had helped make this event what it was. 

Finally, the time also found a special place in my heart which will forever keep this great workshop in memories.