From Nano to Gigawatts

This workshop will cover many interesting points regarding the interaction between nano technology and power engineering. Did you know about the existance of solar cells based on nano technology? How they work? How all these futur solar cells will influence the power grid? How we can power our homes in the future without sunlight?

We offer you lectures concerning these topics, as well as a hands-on lab on the development of a solar cell on organic basis where you'll learn how to build your own working solar cell. Since we'll be cooperating with two departments in our university, so the lectures will be given by our professors.

 Apart from the lectures, we will introduce you to the lovely Bavarian capital, Munich. We look forward to showing you our Bavarian culture, Munich nightlife and our charming hospitality. The workshop will take place during the weeks ofspring festival which is the "little sister" of our Oktoberfest and, of course, we don't want you to miss this event either!

As usual, the workshop will conclude with the International Motivational Weekend. This event will be held at a house in the alps. There you'll participate in soft-skill training and, not to overlook, some unforgettable parties. (The IMW is free for participants!)