Persönlicher Status und Werkzeuge

Women in Engineering 2011

In cooperation with our "Gender Zentrum" (Gender studies department at our faculty - yes, we have that...) we were happy to announce the second "Women in Engineering" Workshop for 15 international participants. It took part between the 7th and the 15th of May. In the academic part there were topics like difficulties and barriers at daily women engineers work, women networks and job-planning. In other words: The focus was on strengthening the self-confidence of future women engineers.

We also had a guide through one of our departments at the university. On thursday we had have a women-contact-forum, where you could get connections to some women engineers from companies next to Munich.

Apart from the lectures we got to know the bavarian lifestyle (including city, nightlife, cultural aspects etc.).

And of course - we organized an International Motivation weekend (as part of the workshop) with soft-skill training, hiking and a farewell ceremony with subsequent party in order to wrap up an amazing and unforgettable week!