Persönlicher Status und Werkzeuge

EESTEC Workshop Micro- and Nanoelectronics 2010

Between April 24th and May 2nd, LC Munich was the proud host of two events organized at the same time. We welcomed 15 (female) participants for WiE – Women in Engineering, a workshop held for the first time this year and another 15 for MENE – Microelectronics and Nanoelectronics, which took place the second consecutive year. It was the largest academic Workshop ever organized by a single LC in EESTEC history so far. 

The lectures were Monday – Wednesday, 9-5 each day. It may sound like a lot, but the lectures actually had some understandable, interesting content and included several excursions. WiE went to the high voltage lab of our university – an impressive huge hall, where participants were shown artificial lightning strikes among other things and the participants of MENE visited the research center of “Fraunhofer Institut” and got the possibility to build an organical solar cell. On top of all that, participants for both Workshops received ECTS points.

 Aside from the admittedly sometimes exhausting lectures, the cultural part of the event didn’t go short. Besides the welcome party that included a live band playing just for us, the “James-Bond-Party” that featured a strict fancy dress code and the inevitable night out in a posh Munich club, we introduced our guests to some of Munich’s specials and local people’s favorites: The “Frühlingsfest”, sometimes dubbed as a small Oktoberfest, can of course not be missed whilst visiting Munich.

Apart from these kind of cultural events, some actual Munich culture was also conveyed to the participants. From the day-long city rally to visits of the Olympic park, a visit to the BMW world or casual strolling and shopping in the heart of Munich: The choices were broad.

As the icing on the cake, we departed for Austria on Friday, where organizers, participants and guests from many other LCs gathered together in a cabin near Salzburg rented exclusively for us for an exceptional motivational weekend with over 80 participants. With a rented cabin up in the mountains, we had a perfect setting for the rest of our seminars, along with an amazing view and a good opportunity to let the week fade out.

LC Munich would like to thank all participants for having been there, for cooperating with us as far as possible and having a great time. See y’all soon somewhere else in Europe.